Founded in 1946 by "von Büren S.A. / Montres" (Neuchâtel / Swiss) the Squale brand is synonym for Swiss Made professional diving watches.

Back in 1946 "von Büren S.A / Montres" started to produce watches and watchcases for different large and smaller swiss watchbrands who didn`t have the knowledge to build professional diving watches. The smaller brands used the Squale logo on their dial as a quality symbol, the bigger brands didn`t do that for obvious reasons. 

Due to the success other Swiss watchbrands had with the Squale produced and co-labeled watches, "von Büren S.A./  Montres " started in 1950 to produce their own range of professional diving watches under the Squale brandname marking the beginning of the brands institutional history.

The first sporting successes for Squale , like the worldchampionchip diving in  Cuba in '67, were linked to the watches that  became as legendary as the worldchampions wearing them for instance the "Master 1000 M. or 100 Atmos

End 1960`s Squale introduced the first Squale 1000 meter divers-watch with the unique glass on flexible mountings that didn`t use or needed a Helium release valve anymore, which was a unique feature and a novelty of great importance.

Squale started to supply the elite corps of a large number of armed forces, including the parachutistscorps "Folgore Brigade" part of the Italian Airforces ( "Aeronautica Militare Italiana") and the Italian Navy’s Diving Corps, the "Marina Militare Italiana".

All this has made Squale synonymous for quality and the pioneer / benchmark brand for divers-watches internationally, a status it has enjoyed for several decades.

We were pioneers and we still are today !

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