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Montres Squale dans la presse

Squale featured in the Online Magazine about fine watches 

Squale watches featured in online magazine 

Squale featured in the blog A Tick of Time by Vicky van Halem

Squale watches featured in the blog In the Tick of Time 

Roger Ruegger from reporting on his blog about the upcoming addition of the collection of Squale watches.

 Squale watch at Baselworld, prototype Squale Master

Review of 2 Squale watches ( Squale 50 Atmos and Squale 101 Atmos) by Ernie Romers
owner and founder of 

Meeting with Ernie Romers , forum 

Meeting with Ernie Romers ( at SalonQP 2012 London

Squale meeting with Ernie Romers, Salon QP 2012 


Squale featured in the dutch watchmagazine Watching

Squale watches in watching magazine


Issue 3 Year 2012 

Review of the Squale 1521-026 PVD / 50 Atmos PVD from the Watchfreeks forum. 

Squale watch review on watchfreeks forum. Squale 50 Atmos PVD 

Review of the Squale 2002A , 101 Atmos from the website

Squale 2002 featured in wornandwound review

 Pairs well with the Squale 101 Atmos from the website

Squale watches featured in the blog 

 Review of the Squale 101 Atmos from the blog Oceanictime

Squale watches featured in Oceanictime blog

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